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A practical one-stop solution to create Job for all experts in IRAN !


What is Loop?

Its a perfect loop between professionals and customers

Loop is a native Iranian mobile application to connect unemployed experts in various field, directly to customers whom need their services. Service providers (Loopers) present their professionality, references and price in their profile and customers can simply compare and find what they need.


You now have the best solution to find the right person for the right job: its "Loop". All you need to do is to browse the map and view the comprehensive list of experts in various service categories based on their location and contact them directly through the Loop.



Nobody needs to be idle or jobless anymore, all professionals and experts are welcome here!


Why Loop?

To create a relevant job for idle human resources of Iran.

Every and each individual seeking a relevant job in the domain of his expertise could be connected to national job market and services demand pool.

Offering high quality services directly to customers

Pre-screen experts in various fields will be available with their credible rating to offer their services.

Exclusive categorizing of the services

Loop offers the most efficient and user-friendly service category structure to make sure that customers will easily access to all available services right away.

Fast & Easy

Easily find the best service provider in your neighborhood and send a direct service request in seconds!

Local Search

Looking to the map, users can simply select the nearest service provider. Your desired "Looper" may leave next door!


Loopers can create innovative services and make money. There are lots of services people need, but nobody normally offers!

Ease of Mind

Loop will provide an extensive background check of all service providers using National Government offices and will pass the Looper’s detail to Iran Cyber Police office to follow up in case of any complaint from customers.


You can also select service providers having "Trusted Looper" logo in their profile, whom are well rated by customers and passed the Comprehensive Loop Trust Plus Plan as well.


Selecting the right-man had never been easier!


You touch the service provider’s icon and you will be presented with Number of finished tasks and Looper’s rating, helping you to find out their service quality and experience.


Reputation & Rating

Services Quality, Timing, Attitude and Value/price of all Loopers evaluates by customers after finishing each task and will demonstrate their degree of professionality and commitment


Nearest or Most Professional?

You may looking for the nearest service provide to get fast result, or the highest rated one, for top-notch service.

Watch the video

to find how it works.

How to Use

The most user-friendly approach, based on costumers review.

Frequently Asked Questions

No; Loop is a direct job assignment platform, rather than helping you to send CV and hire in a company. "loop" connects ecperts directly to their target customers.

Loop is absolutely free for the costumers. but service provider will pay a small amount for promoting their expertise.

No, Service providers determine the fee by themselves and costumers will pay directly to them. Loop Business Intelligence engine may only send some recommendation to Loopers to fine tune their price.

Yes, all Loopers information will be verified by Government Offices so they have to fill online forms carefully. Customers also have the risk of not getting their lucky draw prize in case of winning, if they haven’t provided the correct information at application subscription.

Yes. You have two choices:

- Moving the map and selecting your desire area

- If you use the “search” feature, system present you result based on your sorting policy (like based on location, or based on rating)

No; we created "Loop" platform mainly for skilled service providers who doesn’t have job, in order to utilize their expertise in the job market by connecting their profile to their target customers and create job for so many unemployed experts in Iran.

No; this is a self-employment services and since you are not earning a salary or wages from any ompany/organization, you do not pay Social insurance fee. So Loopers may need to pay directly for their insurance to social service organization.

Service providers need to pay initial registration fee at local Government offices.

After registration, there is a 3 months free trial period for all new registrant and after the period, getting each sales-lead notification will cost 10,000 IRR for Loopers which will automatically deduct from their digital valet.

Yes, they can easily change their service area by editing their profile inside the application. But changing the official registration address need to be verified by their Local Government Office again.

Yes, they can simply change the price by editing their profile.

Yes, they can use “make my profile inactive” feature in their application any time. So, in case they need to go for a vacation or using sick leave or even task overload.

No, because of Loop anti money-laundry regulation, there is no “cash-out” policy designed in the system. So, we recommend new service provider to charge their wallet with small amount of money to control their risk and test the system.

Yes, they just need to install both “Loop” app and “Looper” app on their mobile and register on both applications.

Download "Loop"


Download the "Looper" app from here.

Terms & Conditions

Armak Co. (“Loop”, or “we”, “our” or “us”) has created this privacy policy (this “Privacy Policy”) in order explain our privacy practices. The following discloses our information-gathering and -dissemination practices for the community platform offered by us at our website ( the “Site”) or mobile applications “Loop” or “Looper”. The platform and related services provided by Company, the Site and mobile applications, including without limitation information provided by Company to potential and actual Looper and Customers (whether in writing orally or otherwise howsoever) in relation to the services, together are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Loop Platform.”

By using the Loop Platform, you do hereby warrant and represent that you have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions stated herein, and our Terms of Service, currently available at HERE (the “Terms of Service”). This Privacy Policy is incorporated into, and considered a part of, the Terms of Service, and any terms not defined herein have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Service. This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service govern the use of the Loop Platform offered by Loop, and you are giving Loop permission to use and store such information consistent with this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

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